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Australia | 5 mins | [U]

When we look at great art, do we realise it is looking back? With eyes that see more clearly than we do?

In a mysterious gallery imbued with strange life, shadows of the past and unresolved futures collide when a child’s vision peels away the layers of what we call ‘reality’…join a journey through the masterpieces you thought you knew as their hidden souls are finally given a voice.

As layers of contemporary ‘reality’ are stripped away, art’s unseen soul brings a challenge we can neither ignore nor escape. Or can we? Will their message be heard in time?

The door is open. The masters’ works await us. Who will enter ?

Written and Directed by Radheya Jegatheva
Produced by Matt Hearn and Jay Jay Jegathesan


Friday XXX – XX h
Cinema XXX



Radheya Jegatheva is an Oscar qualified and AACTA nominated filmmaker based in Perth, Australia and born in Johor, Malaysia to parents of South Korean, Japanese, Indian and Malaysian ancestry. He is a Bachelor of Commerce and Arts graduate from Curtin University (2021) in Western Australia. Radheya’s films have been selected to 26 Academy Award Qualifying Festivals. His 2019 film, The Quiet was Oscar qualified, and his 2017 film iRony was nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema & TV Arts (AACTA) Award.

Radheya’s films which collectively have more than 1,000 official selections and 400 awards worldwide have been played in all the worlds 7 continents including Antarctica at the Davis Research Station.



Radheya Jegatheva

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