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Russia | 8 mins | [U]

Katya comes to the children’s hospital. Here she is overwhelmed by fear. Waiting for the dentist, she meets intelligent Kirill and bully Alexey. Each them try to attract the girl’s attention and make her not to think about anxiety, in their own way. Katya is attracted only by Kirill. She doesn’t like Alexey because of his appearance and behavior. But at a difficult moment, when Katya is in danger from the cleaning lady, it turns out that Alexei is becoming a real knight. Katya changes her attitude towards Alexei and gives her friendship as a token of gratitude.

Written and Directed by Alexeevskaya Liza
With Taisiya Kotova, Nikolay Seleznev and Stas Manuilov


Friday XXX – XX h
Cinema XXX



Born on October 12, 1999 in Sevastopol. She grew up in a dance family, was a champion of the Crimea in ballroom dancing. Interest in cinema and theater appeared at the age of 7. For three years, she studied in a theater studio, where she participated in children’s performances. In the same place, I was lucky enough to stage my first performance based on my own script. Now I am studying at the St. Petersburg Institute of Film and Television in the 4th year, majoring in directing feature films and TV films in the workshop of A.M. Antonov.


Alexeevskaya Liza


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