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Irak | 100 mins | [15]

A detective abandoned his daughter for a governmental mission. He risks his life in order to fix their relationship. Their search leads them to face an organ trafficking band who has blackmailed a doctor for harvesting the organs.

Directed by Bakhtyar Fatah
Written by Darko Jabar, Bakhtyar Fatah and  Srwsht Abarash
Produced by Bakhtyar Fatah
With Chrika Abarash


Friday XXX – XX h
Cinema XXX



Bakhtyar Fatah a Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker from Iraq, with more than 20 years of experience in Cinema and production industry as well as TV productions, and Commercials for both Kurdish and Swedish Channels. Co-producer for Bekes short movie, own the Academy Award student corner in 2010. The feature version of Bekas is now available on Netflix. Fatah is the founder and CEO of KAM Productions, the pioneer and leading company for high quality cinema and movie productions in the region, well none for producing the very advanced record breaking movie ever in the region Paikary Dill in 2019, with more than 150K admission in local box office record.


The Festival Doctor
Rebekah Louisa Smith



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