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Belarus | xx mins | [?]

The film is based on the idea of creating the generalised character of an Abkhazian woman. The most important aim of the project is to open Abkhazia for a wide audience through its’ human potential representing the role and status of an Abkhazian woman in the modern life. The film shows different life situations, success and suffering of women, grief and death in their lives, their heroic stoicism during the Patriotic war in Abkhazia between 1992-1993. The keynote of the film is the paying attention to the major spheres of woman’s life: maternity, family and love (in all ways), successful self-realisation at work, heroism, honour and dignity. Hard times created this tender attitude to a woman. The Abkhazian proverb holds: “All human life of the planet is born of woman.” The phrase seems so simple, but contains so much meaning …

Written and Directed by Inessa Lacoya
Co-Directed by Khvartskiya (Kalashnikova) Anastasia
Produced by Bella Agrba


Friday XXX – XX h
Cinema XXX


Inessa Lacoya – Education: university degree, specialty “Social service and tourism”. Despite her profession, she has always paid special attention to creative activity: she is an author of poems and fairy tales, studied vocal, actively engaged in journalistic activities, cooperates with Abkhazian news agencies. The author of the platform: “This is us” (project about people and for people: website Studies the art of photography, graduated from the Academy of Photography, Moscow (2 stages). Currently lives in Moscow.


Director, Camera – Khvartskiya (Kalashnikova) Anastasia
 Education: university degree, graduated from the Krasnodar Academy of Marketing and Social Information Technologies. She worked as a specialist in the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in the Republic of Abkhazia for a certain period. At some point, the interest in creative work and precisely the love to photography, took over. She has been engaged in photography and videography for more than two years. She completed 2 courses on creating video editing. Actively cooperates with many cultural organizations as well as with charitable foundations.


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