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USA, UK, Russia | 95 mins | [12]

Joy grew up in a typical American family. She always wanted to be a ballet dancer and moved to Russia when she was 15 to follow her dream. Without a word of Russian, not completely fit for the physical requirements of Russian ballet dancers, Joy shows her strength and dedication to ballet and accomplishing her dreams. We follow Joy’s personal and professional life:  from her daily challenges, injuries, performances to becoming a ballet dancer with Bolshoi Theatre group and then prima ballerina of Kremlin Ballet, where she has performance of her lifetime – Swan Lake, before closing this chapter of her life and leaving Russia to pursue new opportunities.

Directors: Dina Burlis and Sergey Gavrilov
Script writers: Dina Burlis, Daria Kiseleva
Producer: Dina Burlis, Sergey Gavrilov
DOP: Sergey Gavrilov


Friday XXX – XX h
Cinema XXX


DINA BURLIS – After working in banking for more than a decade, Dina took a leap of faith and enrolled in UCLA’s Professional Producing Program. She has since received a Master’s degree from Loyola Marymount University MFA Film and TV Production Program in Los Angeles.
After making several short fiction and non-fiction films, Dina found her passion in documentary filmmaking. She is committed to making films that empower women and tell inspiring stories of women who pave the way for the future generations to make their dreams come true.
JOY WOMACK: THE WHITE SWAN is a collaboration with Sergey Gavrilov and her first feature documentary. She is currently in post-production on her latest feature documentary, BREAKING BOUNDARIES, which tells the story of 2020 Olympic hopeful Nastasya Generalova as she attempts to become the first person of color to compete for the United States in rhythmic gymnastics.


SERGEY GAVRILOV – After graduating from the cinematography programs of VGIK and University of the Arts London, Sergey has shot more than twenty documentary films, including JOY WOMACK: THE WHITE SWAN.
Sergey’s other great passion is photography. He has worked for all of the top Russian glamour magazines, as well as for such international brands as Rowenta, Tefal, Danon, Samsung, Sony, Douwe Egberts and English First, M-Video.


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