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Main Competition

  • Main Prize:  Horizon, director Tinatin Kajrishvili (2018, Georgia – Sweden)
  • Special Prize: Clay Pit, director Vera Glagoleva (2018, Russia)
  • Special Jury Diploma: Exciting Life, director Anna Yanovskaya (2018, Russia) for the extraordinary combination of genres
  • Best Film Director: Strangers of Patience, director Vladimir Alenikov (2018, Russia)
  • Best Original Screenplay: Love Possibly, scriptwriters Michael Boccalini, Michael Coburn, Che Grant, Kew Lin (2018, United Kingdom)
  • Best Director of Photography: Pilgrim, DOP Svyatoslav Bulakovsky (2018, Russia)
  • Vera Glgoleva Prize for the Best Debut: Deep Riversdirector Vladimir Bitokov (2018, Russia)
  • Best Actor: Alexey Yudnikov for Exciting Life
  • Best Actress: Maja Szopa for Strangers of Patience
  • Best Production Designer: Horizon, Production Designer Georgy (2018, Georgia – Sweden)
  • Best Music: Pilgrim, composer Alexey Aigi
  • Best Costume Designer: Kathrine of Sinai, Costume Designers Annie Curtis-Jones; Margaret McMasters; Stanley McMasters (2018, United Kingdom)

Documentary Film Competition

  • Best Documentary: A Thousand Girls Like Me director Sarah Mani (2018, Afganistan-France) — for professionalism, bravery, objectivity and taking a principled stand on human rights and support of the international women’s movement
  • Special Mention: Sharkwater Extinction, director Rob Stewart (2018, Canada) — for sending a clear message to humanity and for the author’s civilian act of bravery
  • Best Short Film: Black Mamba, director Amel Guelatty (2018, Tunisia)
  • Special Mention: Screamdirector Toma Stenko (2018, Russia-Georgia) — for cinematographic expressiveness, humanity and compassion in exploring the vicissitudes of human life; Verka Fouettés, director Inna Shcherban (2017, Russia-Spain) — awarded to actress Anna Nakhapetova for spirited flamenco dancing


SIFFA President’s Award to Paulina Simacheva, Anna Nakhapetova and Vera Glagoleva for inspired approach to transcending the limitations of time with arts.

SIFFA / SIFFA President’s Diplomas:

  • Kandinsky Ocean – for visualizing poetry in film
  • Anastassia Razlogova (Producer)for intrepidly seeking out new combinations of genres on the other side of drama and non-drama films
  • Susanna Alperina, the producer of Into_Nation of Big Odessa (dir. Alexandr Brunkovskiy– for the creative approach in thinking about the local and the global at once

Contribution to building bridges between countries and peoples:

  • Yeşim Güzelpınar, Producer, Turkey-United Kingdom

SIFFA Management Awards:

  • The Greek of the Russian Empire directed by Svetlana Muzychenko, for preserving the cultural heritage and historical memory
  • Zlatina Filipova, (Producer) film Runaway Smartphone – for creating and advancing films for children

Special Press Awards

  • Kostadin Bonev – Director of the feature film Away from the Shore – for discussing the theme that never goes away: balancing art and power
  • Igor Poplaukhin, director of the short Calendar – for highlighting a very topical issue – that of the right of the modern women to go beyond her daily chores
  • Svetlana Stasenko, director of documentary Shamanic Lessons for Beginners – for using simple language to discuss a mystery-filled topic and for showcasing the traditions of the peoples of the Russian Federation


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