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Luba Balagova-Kandour, Founder and President of IRIDA Music Festival: “This year’s 5th SIFFA in Sochi has more musical depth than ever before. We have planned this quite deliberately, because Film and Music are inseparable partners. They always have been.”
From the time of the film-making genius of the giants who created this magnificent art form, towering figures such as Russia’s own Sergei Eisenstein and Britain’s Charlie Chaplin, in the “silent” era, right back then – music was an integral part of film – Eisenstein set his 1925 masterpiece, Battleship Potemkin, to a musical  accompaniment by a live salon orchestra. Again, from the early days of movie-making, even great composers chose to write film scores, not least Sergei Prokofiev or Dmitri Shostakovich from Russia. Probably the most recognizable and influential XXI century movie soundtrack composer in modern film history, Italy’s Ennio Morricone who is, sadly, no longer with us.
It is also greatly important for SIFFA to use the opportunities which a festival like ours can offer, to support the regional passion for music which thrives here in the southern Caucasus. Music is key to promoting the cultural identities and traditions of the rich mix of peoples in the Caucasus.
And that is why we have placed a greater focus on music in our festival this year than ever before.”


SIFFA was able to add the music festival as another part of its program thanks to the grant from the Russian Culture Fund as part of the National Culture Program’s Creative People Federal Project.

Maestro Maxim Vengerov, world-renowned violinist received SIFFA’s golden statuette for an outstanding contribution to world music and for supporting the festival during the pandemic.
Maxim Vengerov, Soviet and Russian violinist, conductor, Grammy Award winner: “Music is a unique language. It requires no translation. Music is what unites countries and people around the world. In these uncertain times Luba Balagova was able to hold this first IRIDA Music Festival with the aim to preserve Russian school classical music heritage and promote unique local cultures of the North Caucasus.

IRIDA Music Festival diploma for contributions to the development of the art of music was awarded to Oleg Soldatov, winner of the Russian government award, Honored Artist of the Republic of Karelia.  

IRIDA Music Festival diploma for outstanding achievements and virtuosity and for supporting the IRIDA Music Festival was awarded to people’s artist cellist Mikhail Utkin.

IRIDA Music Festival diploma for extraordinary talent and for supporting the IRIDA Music Festival was awarded to opera tenor Sergey Radchenko.

IRIDA Music Festival diploma for the refined gracefulness of the art of dance  was awarded to the Shagdi Dance Ensemble, accepted by Zarema Unazhokova.

Valery Vorona, Artistic Director of the IRIDA Music Festival and the main conductor of the Moscow Youth Chamber Orchestra, received the IRIDA Music Festival diploma for his devotion to the SIFFA Film Festival and his support of the IRIDA Music Festival.

Nina Kochelyaeva, SIFFA director of programming: “Music has always been part of the festival but this is the first year where we have created a separate music program thanks to the support of the Russian Culture Fund. Music has always played a special role in film because it immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of what is happening on screen. We hope that this new feature will help the audience discover new aspects of the relationship between music and film.”

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